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"Each one of us, at one time or another, has been possessed by a house.
We project onto it our most unconscious desires.
The soul of the house is always 
a reflection of our soul."

A place, a book, it is the portrait of your house through an art book. A rare object on a unique place, your place. Find out about your universe in a completely different way but also rediscover it with a fresh eye. More than a book, it is a true journey to the heart of your world and your memories.

Castles, family homes, Parisian flats, private mansions… Since 2008, Aline de Vilallonga photographs exceptional locations to make illustrated art books for their owners.

After having studied graphic arts in Paris, she begins a career as artistic director at the heart of prestigious advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and CLM/BBDO. For over ten years she collaborates with professional image makers who will enable her to acquire a great understanding and knowledge of graphic production.

Throughout the seasons, through the shadow of a sculpture, the trees of a park, a detail on a family piece of furniture, she becomes truly immersed in the locations, to capture the spirit and tell their story through images. Photographs, page layouts, retouching, printing… Aline creates each book down to the last detail taking great care in her discretion and confidentiality.

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